0 no smoking; 1 separated smoking area; 2 smoking next to the non-smoking area; 3 smoky

Brkina Marina” aka “Marina” is one of the oldest restaurants in Novi Sad. It’s located in the heart of Novi Sad on Trg Mladenaca just behind the Synagogue and Post Office. If you happen to be really far from the city center, you can count on a taxi or the busses as all major lines stop right next to the Post Office (1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 18), with the busses 2 and 5 stopping close by next to the theater as well. Keep in mind that it won’t be easy to find parking space in this part of the city at all.

One of the oldest pubs in Novi Sad has just got its newest makeover. “Marina” has recently been closed but it was bought by a Beer Bar called “Brka” who kept the original name and just added Brka’s Marina (or Brkina Marina in Serbian).

The restaurant has the look of the 20’s Parisian restaurants; music every night and a smoking and non-smoking area right next to each other.

The place re-opened in February 2019 as Brkina Marina and because of this it just has a basic menu, such as burgers, pizza, ribs, etc.

Waiters told me that the menu is being created as you guys read this and that it will be one of the best menus in Novi Sad, including domestic and international cuisine.

Fun Fact: At the place where “Brkina Marina” Beer Bar stands today was a cafe called “Elita” in the 1930s. This is where the first coffee ever was served (as a part of the catering facilities’ services) in the city of Novi Sad. The cafe owner Žiga Mesei came up with this idea. Ladies were served milk coffee while the gentlemen were served black coffee.


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