It’s always amazing to see something new happening in the beautiful city of Novi Sad!

On Saturday, 14th of September, citizens of Novi Sad as well as the visitors from all over the world will have the chance to enjoy the open concert at Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard.

People who decide to check this event out will enjoy the music of amazing Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra as well as the pianist Rita Kinka and violinist Robert Lakatos, conducted by skilled Aleksandar Kojic.

Once again, Novi Sad will be able to witness and experience the feeling and excitement of true Corso (Korzo), reminiscent of the good old days.

Classical Music Concert under the open sky on Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard this year is definitely going to evoke the spirit of some retro times.

The second Kaleidoscope will host this grand concert under the stars, featuring top classical music artists.

Don’t forget to come to Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard on 14th September at 8:20 PM and enjoy the music and atmosphere!


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