Representatives of YU AMK Veteran Novi Sad organized a traditional gathering of old-timers rally this year, as well. The event was attended by approximately 90 cars and motorbikes. The rally starts in Novi Sad, to Celarevo and Vajska and then back to Novi Sad Liberty Square for the show and gathering. In Celarevo, the participants can visit the Museum of Beer while Vajska welcomes them with a lake area where they can swim and relax. Of course, every stop has the old-timer viewing and assembly.  

Club members from Serbia, as well as visitors from abroad, come to the gathering. This is a good opportunity for socializing and sharing experiences about the vehicles.

The rally is organized every year on the last weekend in August. In addition to participants from Serbia, this year we also have guests from Germany, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, and Switzerland. Aside from a good company and interesting conversations, people always learn something new about the vehicles.

A large number of people have enthusiastically accompanied the procession of these vehicles of historic value. It was not only the visitors who were eagerly observing the old cars, but the participants themselves did the same and shared tips with each other.


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