A fantastic restaurant located away from the center, this hidden gem is surely missed by many. Korpa Deli Market & Bistro is a 3 in 1 stop. Whether you’re looking to pick up some items from the Deli Market (meat, cheese, pasta, wine, baking ingredients, drinks, etc), have a meal out of the house, or even stay the night, this venue has it all.

One of the many reasons Korpa is such a desirable location is because of its outdoor seating, which is available rain or shine, due to the high tech seating structure which can conform to at least 4 different settings that I’ve seen throughout my visits. 

With waiters that speak English, I’m always comfortable to go by myself even if I have the option to bring a native Serbian speaker with me. One of the most extensive menus I’ve seen in the city (with one in English too), Korpa provides options for food to all age ranges and types of eaters. 

On my last visit I went with a guest for a three course meal. Our choices for appetizers were a wonderful seasonal pottage with garlic bread croutons and bacon wrapped mozzarella and prune bites. This pottage was by far the best I’ve ever had in Serbia because of its potent flavors and great serving size. I was surprised by the bit of kickback it had, maybe lime or lemon, and it made it a very refreshing item, but was well-balanced with earthy undertones of beet, which were surprisingly good. The bacon wrapped mozzarella and prune bites were a combination that seemed a little strange but turned out to be amazing. The tanginess of the prunes was an excellent combination with the rather neutral mozzarella, and the bacon brought that well-known rich flavor to the party. However, if you are someone who likes your bacon a little crispy and on the lean side, I’d advise you to let your waiter know that you prefer your bacon crispier than usual. 

Once we finished our appetizers we moved on to the main entree. I ordered Pancetta and Mozarella filled chicken fillets with a side of grilled vegetables, while my eating partner decided on the Parmesan crusted leg of lamb on mash with oyster sauce. Both were amazing and I don’t think I could choose between one or the other because it just depends on what you like. What I loved about my dish was the way that the veggies were grilled and the chicken was still juicy with plenty of flavor. I try not to order grilled vegetables anymore because they usually come soggy and I really prefer mine straight off a BBQ with a nice charr to them. What I ate at Korpa was exactly that. While I don’t find myself to be a risk taker when it comes to meat, this lamb was spectacular. The tenderness that’s beyond words combined so well with the crispy parmesan crust. The flavor of the meat was subtle, balanced and well complimented by the flavorful crust and the umami sauce. All of that sitting on a bed of perfectly prepared mash potatoes completed an amazing dish that my partner claims is one of the best ones he ever tried.

Moving on to dessert when we were both completely stuffed and it was definitely an unnecessary addition, I chose the Date cake with forest fruit and white caramel topping which is a dessert I never knew could be so delicious. Dates are not something that I’ve ever had in this sort of form and I’ve been obsessed since I discovered this wonderful sweet treat. On the other hand, my partner went with something more traditional. A dark chocolate souffle served with vanilla ice-cream. Although it is traditional and common, a great souffle is no easy task. I can honestly say this one was excellent. Cooked to perfection, steaming hot and paired with creamy, what I suspect, in-house made, vanilla ice cream. With a menu full of delicious dishes, combined with great service and a lovely seating area, Korpa is a great stop at any time of the day. This is one of the treasures of Novi Sad that you won’t want to miss!


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