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Address: Železnička St. 10

0 no smoking; 1 separated smoking area; 2 smoking next to the non-smoking area; 3 smoky

Phone: 065 8875376

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A short walk from the center, Macchiato Kuca is the perfect place to go for an evening of fine dining at a great price.

I went on a Friday night and was pleasantly surprised to see live music playing in the corner of the restaurant. A lovely keyboardist was playing soft and relaxing melodies that brought warmth throughout. The waiter was kind and spoke English, as most of the city does. Their default menu was bilingual, in Serbian with English underneath which always makes me happier as I sometimes feel uncomfortable asking for a different menu. The whole environment gives you a feeling like you’re dining somewhere back in the ’70s, with a cigar menu and beautiful casings full of desserts.

I ordered a House Salad, Turkey Burger, and a lovely Chocolate Carmel dessert. The salad was good but nothing special, so if you like a lot of flavor in your salad I would opt for a soup instead. The burger came with a side of fries and a nice tartar sauce. I’m pretty picky when it comes to burgers, as I feel that America is home to a fantastic burger, but I thought it was pretty good. I’ve never had a burger with turkey before, and although I prefer beef, it really wasn’t too different and the flavor was still lovely.

The dessert was beautiful and tasted as good as it looked. They had a lot of options for dessert and it was difficult to choose, especially when I was staring at a case of them in front of my face! If you like thick caramel I wouldn’t go for this dessert as the caramel was thin so it could spread. The chocolate was very dense and it would have been a lovely dessert to split between two people.

The waiters and waitresses were much more attentive in this restaurant than a lot of others in Serbia. Customer service isn’t something that’s really valued here, but you can see it happening more and more at the new restaurants that are opening up in town. He checked on me mid-meal and came quickly when I asked for the check. A whopping $12, I still can’t get over the prices when I go out to eat here in Serbia. A city with so much potential, the fantastic food has really captivated my heart, among other things, while living in Serbia. 


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