Miris Orijenta is a charming little shop in Novi Sad that sells Asian spices, snacks and food.

0 no smoking; 1 separated smoking area; 2 smoking next to the non-smoking area; 3 smoky
  • Address: Cara Dusana 70
  • Phone: 021 6362663
  • Work hours: 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM (work days); 8:30 – 2:00 PM (Saturday); closed on Sundays
  • Follow Miris Orijenta on Facebook and Instagram

We had a nice chat with the lady who owns this shop, Nataša Kovačević:

What inspired you to open up your own Asian spices shop? How did you get interested in Asian food and spices?

“I’ve always wanted to try something new, especially when it comes to food and new tastes. As a child, I met Chinese cuisine. My parents loved to experiment with cooking. When I first came across a store with Asian products in Italy, I was delighted. Until then, I always ordered Chinese dishes in Chinese restaurants, but with the discovery of these stores, I was finally able to prepare them. By moving to Novi Sad, it was my wish to open a grocery store for Asian food. And here I am, slowly and surely realizing my dream.”

We’ve heard a lot of great things about your homemade kimchi, when and how did you first learn to make it?

“Yes, an interesting story about kimchi. I do not know exactly when I made it for the first time. We always had kimchi at home. My many friends asked me to make kimchi for them when they tried it at our house. That’s how it started. I plan to go with kimchi to food fairs because kimchi is not that well-known here. People do not understand how healthy it is. I hope that people will accept kimchi because Vojvodina’s food is spicy as well. Hahaha! If not because it’s healthy, at least it’s spicy! Haha, I hope you get what I mean!”

Who is your average customer? Serbians? Asian ex-pats?

“The store is unusual and interesting to many passers-by. People stop and enter the store. It’s interesting to them. They ask me about many items because they are unknown to them. I cannot exactly tell you who the buyers are, because a lot of foreigners in Novi Sad are visiting the store. The English, Thai, Chinese, Americans, Russians come to us… Buyers are diverse. More and more people from Novi Sad started coming to the store. We also have customers online, so we send goods via express mail, too.”

Can you share your plans for the future growth of your business?

“My plans for the future are to win on the lottery and move to some remote island where I could spend the whole day in a bathing suit, eating kimchi and rice. Hahaha!

I am joking, of course, I still have three children and a husband, and that would be irresponsible. I plan to be persistent about the store, slowly bringing people closer to this food. I hope people will increasingly accept this unusual and different store.”


We certainly hope so, too. Miris Orijenta is an amazing place that offers a range of healthy and interesting foods and spices. For people of Novi Sad and people visiting Novi Sad, it would be a real shame to miss it.


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