• Address: Pasaž 23, Dunavska 18, Novi Sad
  • Phone: 021 522360
  • Working Hours: Monday-Friday: noon-10 PM; Saturday: 6 PM-10 PM
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This is a small pizzeria located in the passageway in Dunavska Street, opened by Italian Paolo Markuchi who is also a pizza master. The outdoor seating and pleasant courtyard make this location very cozy and private, even though you’re basically in the city center.

Pizzas are quite different here than anywhere else in the city. As you can imagine, Paolo makes authentic Italian pizzas. There are small pizzas (pieces) that cost between 170 and 300 RSD ($1.60 and $2.90) and a large 32cm (12.5 inches) pizza, which costs from 500 to 850 RSD ($4.80 to $8.15). There are a couple of different kinds of pizzas, which is why the prices vary.

The secret of Paolo’s pizzas is in the special dough that’s very light and tasty, as well as perfectly fresh, seasonal foods. Whoever tries the pizza here, they always come back for more. There are also special pasta offers on Saturday with deliciously fresh and simple marinara sauce.

When asked what kinds of pizza Paolo’s Napoli Centrale offers, the simple answer is three: thick, thin and fried. Basically, he makes three pizza kinds which are Margherita, Neapolitan, and Siciliana, which is fried with sauce. In addition, Paolo often has lasagna orders that he makes according to the traditional Italian recipe, as well as arancini – balls filled with ham, rice, and his secret ingredients.

Like every true Italian and pizza master, Paolo doesn’t use ketchup on his pizza:

“I make a pizza with Kulen, salad rocket, anchovy and, of course, everything that makes up every pizza base: olive oil, fresh tomato paste, a pinch of oregano, parmesan or mozzarella, dough, and secret sauce.”

In winter, Napoli Centrale also offers eggplant pizza.


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